Anime Recommnedation

The following are some of the best animes that were watch by yours truly :

Mermaid melody Pichi pichi pitch

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The Prince of Tennis

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Gakuen Alice

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Kyou Kara Maoh

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Lovely Complex

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The types of Otaku

The Manga Reader

– these type of otaku are the ones who are more into reading than watching the anim eitself . tehy read the manga where the animes came from. They are the ones who cant get enough for one season and tend to do anything to find the next part of the anime.(I belong to this one )


The Anime  Watcher

–  these are the types of otakus that are very patient in waiting  for a new season but very lazy to read manga.


The Gamer

– this is also  a type of Otaku you must be thinking why is it here it’s not the usual PC games that you see in computer shops instead it more on the the otome games wherein the player is being portrayed by you and the game flow will be made by decisions you make .


The all – Rounders

– this otakus are very flexible towards almost all types of otakus they are also the one who are called die hard or obsess and very rich


What it takes to be an otaku?

An otaku as mentioned earlier is what you call an anime enthusiast. As one of them I ought to know many animes or at least  watched them. At first I wasnt into anime as I am now, not that I am obsess with it, but I have been an otaku for 5 years. Anime was first introduced to me when i was a pre-schooler but being a child I did not pay it any attention plus the one that was shown to me was a shounen which does not fit my personality,by the way,.

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unknowingly I watched anime and that was pichi pichi pitch ,

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this is where it all started. The second anime I watched wholeheartedly was The  Prince  Of Tennis, here all my fangirling on anime boys started especially with my darling Fuji Syusuke.

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After watching it after 5 years my being an anime enthusiast started. I become aware on the genres that are appropriate towards my age and how to choose them accordingly, I became close to people who are also anime enthusiast and had more friends.Sadly , after 2 years I was already in Grade 8 I lost the ability to choose a good anime though I did not lose my gift of speaking in japanese, which si by the way you can acclaim once you watch tons of animes, that’s why i stop reading manga and watching animes . Then, just this year i got my ability back and i started watching and reading gain this time i collect merchandises of my favourite anime as well.

Anime Genres 2

the first part was supposed to be the end of this title but I cant let my self hanging right , so these are the rest of the anime Genre’s.


Seinen is actually a demographic but is also considered as a general genre in anime. It’s a genre that specifically targets male viewers around the age range of 18-40. With that age range, the shows here are depicted in a more mature light and often includes much more explicit content such gore, sex, and violence.

Examples: Berserk, Monster, and Ergo Proxy


Shoujo is actually a demographic but is also considered as a general genre in anime. It’s a genre that specifically targets female viewers around the age range of 10-18. With that age range, the shows here are mostly idealized and well-rounded. Most of the time, the shoujo genre works line-in-line with the romance and the comedy genre (emphasis on the romance part).

Example: Ao Haru Ride

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First things First

What is an anime ?

anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

Filipinos have adapted watching these types of animation, due to being shown on T.V. A Few of these are Slamdunk, Yu YU hakusho or better known as Ghost Fighter , Flame of Recca  these are what we call 90’s anime which were part of the 90’s kids childhood. Some say you “you dont have a sucssesful childhood if you dont know these animes.

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